The Finance Go-To!

The place you go to: save, borrow, invest, renew and manage all your finance in one place. It’s super simple and it leaves you to focus on your life goals.

Compare and Match

Using clever tech and artificial intelligence (AI), we match you to products and providers that best suit your needs. It’s super simple and you walk away knowing you got the right product at the best price – imagine that!

Research & Life Hacks

Unlock a world of life hacks that will help you save and earn more money. We search our knowledge database and pull information that’s meaningful and useful to your own situation. We then display this information in a cool and easy to understand way.

Monitor your financial health

Want to improve your finances? First, you’ll need to know how you’re doing right now. Our monitoring service keeps track of your finances. We offer suggestions to make sure you’re always your best financial self. We’ll tell you if you’re up or down on any day and offer suggestions to help improve.

Managed Service

The hassle-free way to keep on top of your finances.
We offer a managed service that focuses on:
– Finding you the finance products that are best
for your circumstances

– Letting you know when we think it’s time for you
to change products and take advantage of new offers
and potentially changes to your circumstances

– Supporting you with your life goals – be that saving for retirement, buying a house or sending the children to University.


Right now we’re piloting Monmia in Spain. Over the coming months we expect to bring Monmia to other European countries. If you would like to be the first to know when we’re in your country and receive early access, simply provide you’ll email address and we’ll keep in touch.